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Detailing Services

INTERIOR SUPER CLEAN - starting at $78.00 (includes Triple Bubble)

  • Carpet and mats are vacuumed
  • Windows are cleaned inside and out
  • Dash, doors and console are dressed to provide a protective finish

Detailing Add-Ons

*Must Purchase Interior Super Clean*

CAR SHAMPOO - $60.00

  • Deep cleans carpets and mats.
  • Removes all soils and most stains
  • Looks and smells great!


  • Deep cleans upholstery seats
  • Lift all soils and stains
  • Hot, dry cleaning process
  • Dries fast and looks great

EXPRESS WAX - $75.00

  • Provides vehicle w/ deep durable shine for that “new car” look
  • Protects clear coat finish
  • Removes light oxidation
  • 90 day guarantee

FULL INTERIOR - starting at $175

BUMPER TO BUMPER DETAIL - starting at $250.00

  • Includes all 4 Services